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3nethra – An intelligent pre-screening Ophthalmology device

The Problem - Limited Screening Options for Visual Impairment

  • India has an estimated 12 million blind people (over 25% of 45 million cases worldwide).
  • Over 80% of those cases of classified blindness are avoidable.
  • Diabetic retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma, cornea problems and refractive errors constitute 90% of blindness.
  • Only 14000 ophthalmologists practice in India and a mere 800 ophthalmologists graduate every year.
  • Ophthalmologist to patient ratio is approximately 1:60000--This is much worse in rural areas.
  • Only around 7-10% of people at various stages of blindness are screened and treated.
  • Current vision care system needs expensive diagnostic devices for screening (single device for every problem), coupled with the availability of high skilled ophthalmologist during screening. This increases cost of service substantially and hence limits scalability. As a result, the rural market remains grossly underserved.

The Solution - 3nethra

  • 3nethra – A single, portable, intelligent, non-invasive, non-mydriatic eye pre-screening device that can detect the above 5 major ailments
  • Provides an automated “Normal" or "Need to See a Doctor" report, which is useful especially during early onset of an eye disease when patients do not experience symptoms
  • Connects primary care centres to secondary or tertiary care centres through telemedicine for remote diagnosis
  • Device is low-cost and hence greatly reduces direct and indirect cost of screening, making it available to rural populations

Value Proposition - Enable Providers and Empower Patients

  • Doctors: Ophthalmic doctors will spend their time only on patients with urgent cases. Telemedicine connectivity will help doctors offer remote diagnosis for a rural patient from the comforts of a hospital.
  • Hospitals: Screening in rural areas will help hospitals identify patients at early stages, thereby increasing inflow of symptomatic patients. This will not only be a business proposition but also a great social cause. Hospitals can also serve their “outreach” market better, thereby increasing their funnel.
  • Patients: Pre-screening at low cost, integrated with remote diagnosis and other models can help a patient get screened for a problem right at his doorstep in a remote Indian village. This saves travel and associated time and cost, as well as lost wages.
  • Government: Billions of dollars are spent by governments all around the world on blindness prevention. 3nethra will be a great value enhancer.
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Doctor Says

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Doctor Says 1 Reading this will not permanently damage your eyes! Irrespective of how small or large the font size is, irrespective of how your room is lit!
Doctor Says 2 Can poor eyesight be corrected by following certain diets or taking vitamin supplements? Not all eye problems corrected this way. This is true only if your problem is caused by a vitamin deficiency.
Doctor Says 3 Contrary to popular belief, children won't outgrow cross-eyes. The problem has to be corrected by prescription glasses or contact lenses. Eye exercises may help in simple cases but more severe forms require surgery
Doctor Says 4 Although reading in dim light can make your eyes feel tired, it is not harmful.
Doctor Says 5 Welding without wearing the proper protection is harmful to the eye.
Doctor Says 6 Watching a television or computer monitor may cause eye strain or fatigue, but it is not harmful to the eyes.
Doctor Says 7 Too much use of your eyes does not wear them out.
Doctor Says 8 Although wearing poorly-fit glasses does not damages your eyes, a poorly-fit contact lens can damage the eye.
Doctor Says 9 Safety goggles protect your eyes and prevent injuries.
Doctor Says 10 A cataract must be removed through a surgical incision. It cannot be removed using laser. After cataract surgery, a membrane within the eye may become cloudy. This membrane can be treated with laser.

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