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Forus is a reason India "should scare Silicon Valley"


Technology entrepreneur and academic Vivek Wadhwa has touted Forus Health in The Washington Post.

In the article, "Why Silicon Valley Should Fear India" Wadhwa mentions Forus in a similar vein to Thomas Friedman's recent New York Times article "India's Innovation Stimulus."

From Wadhwa's piece: Another company that I met last year, Forus Health, just started shipping its pre-screening tool for the early detection of cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retina, refraction and cornea problems that are common in the developing world. Their device, which can be operated by minimally trained technicians in rural India, is portable and sells for a small fraction of the cost of Western alternatives. It promises to save the sight of tens of millions of people.

Click here to read the full article: "Why Silicon Valley Should Fear India"

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Doctor Says 1 Reading this will not permanently damage your eyes! Irrespective of how small or large the font size is, irrespective of how your room is lit!
Doctor Says 2 Can poor eyesight be corrected by following certain diets or taking vitamin supplements? Not all eye problems corrected this way. This is true only if your problem is caused by a vitamin deficiency.
Doctor Says 3 Contrary to popular belief, children won't outgrow cross-eyes. The problem has to be corrected by prescription glasses or contact lenses. Eye exercises may help in simple cases but more severe forms require surgery
Doctor Says 4 Although reading in dim light can make your eyes feel tired, it is not harmful.
Doctor Says 5 Welding without wearing the proper protection is harmful to the eye.
Doctor Says 6 Watching a television or computer monitor may cause eye strain or fatigue, but it is not harmful to the eyes.
Doctor Says 7 Too much use of your eyes does not wear them out.
Doctor Says 8 Although wearing poorly-fit glasses does not damages your eyes, a poorly-fit contact lens can damage the eye.
Doctor Says 9 Safety goggles protect your eyes and prevent injuries.
Doctor Says 10 A cataract must be removed through a surgical incision. It cannot be removed using laser. After cataract surgery, a membrane within the eye may become cloudy. This membrane can be treated with laser.

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